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If you're bored of the usual fantasy MMA pick'em leagues, this is the perfect alternative! Check out the noticeboard below for more details! OR if you want to try your hand at MMA Management - check out our sister site, MMA Tycoon - the MMA Sim Game!

MMA Fantasy betting can be fun with the right group of people in the pool, but if you want to bet straight on sports, Carbon Sports can be a good option for US people.  

The Fantasy MMA betting league - Fantasy UFC, Pride FC and more

About the Fantasy
Betting League

Our league is a FREE TO PLAY!
Open to US residents
As it's not real betting, it's completely exempt from recent US legislation, so if you're in the States you can get your gambling kicks without ending up in the slammer!
legal US betting league

Ever wondered if you could make money by betting on MMA? The MMA Game Fantasy Betting League is the place to find out without risking a dime!
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Fantasy UFC league

How it works

Users start with a fantasy budget of $200, which is used to bet on real MMA events, using our odds taken from a leading bookies.
Once the event takes place, fantasy winnings are calculated and league tables updated.

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