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November 13, 2015

MMA hit by another big injury blow that forces Cro Crop to retire

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One of the legends of heavyweight MMA Mirko Cro Crop has been forced to pull out of his upcoming fight and retire from the sport.

Mirkro announced that he had suffered a shoulder injury at the start of the month which has forced him to pull out of his upcoming fight against Anthony Hamilton on the 28th November. The news will come as a big blow for the sports organisers as they wanted to put on a big show during the UFC’s first visit to South Korea in November.

On his website, Mirko Cro Crop wrote that he was unable to raise his hand due to an injury he picked up training for the fight against Hamilton. He said: ” The only cure would be a break of two to three weeks, and that I could not afford in the midst of final preparations”.

But the show must go on without Mirko Cro Crop, although the MMA have yet to announce who will replace him on the 28th November at the UFC Fight Night. The MMA sport website still shows that he will be fighting Anthony Hamilton days after his announcement, but Mirko has made it clear that this won’t be the case.

The main fight of the night is still set to go ahead between USA’s Benson “Smooth” Henderson and Thiago “Pittbul” Alves from Brazil. The two men are very closely matched, both weighing in at 170lbs, measuring 69 inches tall and having an arm reach of 70 inches. Recent statistics show that Henderson is the more accurate fighter, landing nearly 45 percent of his punches compared to just under 42 percent for Alves. But many bookmakers will have the man ranked number 13 in the world, Thiago Alves, as the favourite to win this match. If you’re planning to bet on the match you can find out how much betting on Alves or Henderson could return you by entering your odds into the bet calculator on the Bookmakers website.

Cro Crop was one of the veterans of the sport and at aged 41 he was already struggling to keep fit. He has already competed in 79 professional fights for the sport and was struggling with a lot of injuries he had picked up during those fights. He has already had to undergo 9 different operations to repair his body after fights, and it’s likely that this latest injury my lead to his 10th.

He will be massively missed by the sport as someone who many fighters feared to face off with in the ring. He retires as one of the most successful fighters in UFC, winning 31 of his fights and losing just 11.

August 10, 2015

MMA Statistics

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Whether you simply like MMA or are a seasoned gamber who makes money betting on UFC events, you are going to want to pay attention to statistics and trends within the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. If you know where you are looking, there are some very interesting MMA statistics that can help you better understand what to do when making picks.

It’s probably not a massive surprise to hear there are far more decisions in the lower weight classes. At the time of writing, there are 49% decisions in the weight classes from Lightweight and below. On the contrary, there are just 25% decisions at heavyweight. What’s more, first round finishes in heavyweight MMA are extremely prevalent. You can find out a great deal from the in depth MMA stats at Bet MMA.

When assessing the next UFC event, you can also check out a full breakdown of whether it’s better to bet on favourites or underdogs in MMA, which is very interesting. Essentially betting underdogs is significantly better. If you don’t bet extreme dogs then even more so. There’s also a breakdown of UFC debut statistics, which shows that the majority of people lose their UFC debut. The octagon jitters are a real thing. It’s also extremely interesting to see how southpaws get on in the UFC. MMA stance stastistics show that it’s SIGNIFICANTLY better to be a southpaw and even better to switch stances! They also have a breakdown of fighter ages in the UFC, showing there’s a drop off in win percentage over 35 years old.

It’s all very interesting and all the MMA stats are free. Check it out. Oh and they also have some betting tools for things like Odds Format Converter, a Parlay Odds Calculator and a Betting Subscription Analyser.

July 7, 2014

Review of “Fighting Fish” MMA slots game

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If you?re into betting, sometimes when you look at the cards it can be tough to call fights straight away. The next UFC event, when Weidman meets Machida will be held in Las Vegas this coming Saturday with Weidman coming up favourite on all the odds. If you still aren?t confident and you?re lucky enough to be at the event then you could nip down the Strip for a play on the roulette. For the rest of us who aren?t however, it may be a good idea to stick to an online casino instead. One of the benefits to play at an online casino is that you have many different slot machine options. Some of these have quite imaginative themes that incorporate some unexpected elements. For some players, the most unique combinations provide the most appealing games. A good example of this is a game known as Fighting Fish. The game is a blend of fighting with fish used as the fighters.

Fighting Fish is a Microgaming slot so anyone who already knows of this developer?s reputation can expect a well-designed slot machine game. The game, found at, has a large amount of pay lines, which number 30. This will appeal to those players who like to bet on many different lines to increase their winnings. The machine provides a chance of winning a jackpot as much as $12,500. Like most machines, it does include both a wild symbol and scatter symbol. The wild symbols are the red fish and blue fish symbols. They can only appear on reel two and reel four. They can be used in place of any other symbol with the exception of the scatter symbol, which is the ring.

A special bonus can occur if the wild symbols show up at the same time. Three spins will be awarded. The scatter symbol serves to multiply your winnings. If two of the ring scatter symbols occur the winnings are doubled. On the other hand, if three of these appear, then the amount is increased five times. Four symbols will see even more winnings by multiplying it by 40 and five symbols has a multiplier of 100. When playing in expert mode, automatic play is an option. When this is selected, five and ten quick spin buttons are added to the screen. Buttons for quick spins of five and ten are also added.

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