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March 29, 2015

MMA Betting Tips

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I’ve recently been made aware of a new MMA Betting Tipster service making some very impressive profits. The guys over at use predictions from loads of different MMA fans, compile all the results into one final prediction using a load of clever formulae, then give out their top betting picks for each UFC event. This is a totally new concept. There are some good individuals offering betting tips like Luca Fury etc but as a group, these guys at are out performing all of them. Since starting in November they have topped +200 units - that’s just 5 months… and that’s insane profits for MMA. As a comparison, Luca Fury’s around +145 since 2013 and he charges $35 per event for his picks. MMA Betting Tips charge just $3 per event or as little as $2.22 if you buy in bulk. It’s a brand new system so it’s constantly updating and improving and they have an App on the way for Android so with any luck, will go from strength to strength to be a massive part of the MMA betting industry for years to come.

February 1, 2013

UFC 156 Betting Tips

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UFC 156
Featherweight Championship Bout
Jose Aldo vs Frankie Edgar

Jose Aldo is going in as the favourite in the fight against Frankie Edgar. I wouldn’t be the one to place money on Aldo. Aldo as much as he is a great all round fighter has always has questions about his cardio against someone like Edgar that could be a huge issue. Edgar is notorious for being able to take big damage and keep on going at the same lightning pace at the start of the fight. Edgars wrestling is also a factor in the fight. Aldo has great takedown defence but Edgar is very hard to predict and has taken down a lot bigger men than Aldo in the past. Edgars only real flaw against Aldo is the fact that Aldo can throw heat in his leg kicks that could really effect his speed and bounce. I would still say that Ben Henderson hits just as hard as Aldo with kicks and they didn’t really effect Frankie. That is not to say Aldo can’t beat Edgar but if you wanted value for money it would be Edgar i would be betting on. He is going off at 9/5 on some betting sites which is a steal considering the two very close fights he fought against Ben Henderson. Pretty good value for money if you put him on an accumulator.

Heavyweight Bout
Antonio Silva v Alistair Overeem

This fight here is one that i do believe the odds reflect the fight correctly for those interested in MMA Betting. Overeem destroyed Brock in his first fight in the UFC. He is a K-1 level striker with a good ground game and able to stop the takedown. Silva has a real problem on his hands here. After being brutally beaten down by now UFC Champion Cain Velasquez his last fight was less than convincing to most people. Silva is most known for his win over Fedor but that was quite a while ago now and since then he lost against Daniel Cormier and Cain Velasquez who are both at the top of the food chain as is Overeem so i would expect this to be one sided and ended inside of a round. As this is a heavyweight fight i would be betting on the KO finish and Overeem to be the one landing the shot to end it. Overeem ending it in the first round is going off at around Evens so that would be the bet i would take.

Light Heavyweight Bout
Antonio Rogerio Nogueira v Rashad Evans

Both fighters in this fight are coming off a long lay off from the octagon. Evans is coming off a loss to Jon Jones and Nogueria is coming off a win against Tito Ortiz. Evans in my book is the more accomplished fighter with the better skills and this reflects in his odds. He is a huge favourite against Nogueria and to be honest i can see why. Nogueira is a tough durable fighter but i feel his best years are behind him. He has the boxing and a great ground game when it comes to submissions but i really do believe his lack of speed is really going to hurt him against Evans. They could be a shock on the cards but i really do not believe this will be that shock. I have no idea if Nogueria can take the damage that Evans can dish out with his knockout power. I think Nogueria will survive Evans but lose a lopsided decision which is going off at 1/2 on most major betting websites.

Welterweight Bout
Demian Maia v Jon Fitch

Now this is a real pick’em fight. The best submissions in the UFC against the best submission defence in the UFC. Maia is 2-0 at welterweight and is looking to make a run for the title. He looked very impressive in his 2 fights. Maia has been really successful in his takedowns and the fight finishes not long after that. Fitch though has great submission defence to the point that trying to choke him out is just a waste of energy. Maia is at a completely different level when it comes to the ground game that Fitch has fought but it will be a test. This one could go either way between the two of them and Fitch is the favourite. If Maia is to win this fight i would say he would need an early submission which he has the skills to do. He is going off at 8/5 to win the fight and 4/1 to win via submission. Where as Fitch is going off at 2/3 for a decision victory. Its a pick’em and if you are really wanting to bet on it i would leave it off any accumulator you do but go for a 4/1 submission victory for Maia.

If i was to bet on it i would have a bet on Frankie Edgar to win, Overeem to win via KO, Evans to win, Joseph Benavidez to win and Jacob Volkmann to win.

Betting advice provided by dinoo at MMA Tycoon - The MMA Management Game


Alternative view from Deadly Dirk

UFC 156 Preview

UFC 156 gets underway this Saturday live from the Mandalay Events Centre in Las Vegas, Nevada. UFC 146 is perhaps the biggest card to date since UFC 100 and has some of the most high profile names in the sport competing including Jose Aldo, Frankie Edgar, Alistair Overeem and Rashad Evans to name just a few. Let’s have a look through the fight card to see who might be puling out the wins tomorrow night.

Joseph Benavidez (16-3) vs Ian McCall (11-3-1) ? Flyweight 125lbs

Kicking off the main show we have an outsanding matchup featuring two guys right at the top of the flyweight division. Benavidez will be looking to use his outstanding boxing and wrestling to impose his will on McCall who comes into the fight as the favourite at -227 with the bookmakers. Coming from Team Alpha Male, Benavidez also possesses one of the most lethal guillotine chokes in the game and would like nothing better to sink it in on his opponent, Uncle Creepy. Make no mistake though, Ian McCall is no joke and took the current champion Demetrius Johnson to a draw less than a year ago, it may just be that Benavidez does everything that McCall does just a little bit better making him the underdog at +220. One things for sure though, this should be a hell of a way to kick off the main card.
Prediction: Benavidez via Decision.

Jon Fitch (24-4-1) vs Demian Maia (17-4) ? Welterweight 170lbs

Jon Fitch is one of the best wrestlers in the division who’s favourite way to win fights is to get on top of his opponent, break their will and grind out a victory. It may not be pretty at times but it’s hard to ignore the fact that it gets the job done. Maia however is not your normal grappler, he has some of the best Brazilian jui jitsu in the sport and has won numerous grappling tournaments around the world. He’s more than capable of cranking on an arm or finding a choke from the bottom position should Fitch apply his normal gameplan. Maia’s career stalled a little at the higher class of middlweight where he struggled against some of the larger wrestlers in the division, ever since dropping down to welterweight though he’s looked unbelievable, finishing both of his opponents quickly in the first round.

Often in these grappling matchups it can turn into a kickboxing bout with both guys very aware of their opponents ground game. If that is the case I would have to say that Maia has greatly improved his striking since joining the UFC and would most probably have the edge there. Maia definitely has the tools to win this bout but personally I have to go with Fitch who more times than not find a way to beat an opponent who at least on paper looks to have the edge in skill. Jon Fitch is currently the favourite in Vegas at -188 but you may well be tempted by the somewhat generous odds of +186 for Demian Maia.
Prediction: Fitch via Decision

Alistair Overeem (36-11) vs Antonio Silva (17-4) ? Heavyweight 265lbs

Make no mistake about it, Alistair Overeem has some of the best kickboxing in the sport, depending on who you speak to some would argue he has the very best, period. Overeem has been competing in mixed martial arts since the late 90’s winning numerous titles including the Dream and Strikeforce heavyweight MMA titles, not to mention his European ADCC grappling and K-1 kickboxing title. Originally starting his career as a light heavyweight, Overeem made a move full time to the heavyweight division back in June 2007. He’s 12-1 since then with the sole loss coming over 5 years ago and the wins including high profile names such as Brock Lesnar, Fabricio Werdum, Mark Hunt and Brett Rogers.

His opponent will be Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva, a gargantuan heavyweight and a BJJ blackbelt who likes to use his grappling expertise to get the fight to the ground, work a good position and pound you out with the cement blocks that he calls fists, evident in his upset over Fedor Emilanenko a couple of years back and more recently against heavyweight up and comer Travis Browne.

Overeem will have a considerable advantage standing and should be able to pick Silva apart hoping to land that knockout blow that he’s done so many times in the past and comes into this bout as the -325 favourite. Overeem has greatly improved his takedown defence in recent years and should have the ability to keep the fight standing but you can be sure if Silva does manage to get on top of Overeem it’s going to cause him a lot of problems as one of the real questions remaining about Overeem is how will he handle adversity? Will he bounce back or will he perhaps crumble like he did earlier on in his career and make the odds of +325 for Silva look like an interesting bet?
Prediciton: Overeem via TKO (2nd Round)

Rashad Evans (17-2-1) vs Antonio Rogerio Nogueira (20-5) ? Light Heavyweight 205lbs

The former light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans returns to the octagon to take on Little Nog in what the bookmakers see as a lopsided affair with Evans the -445 favourite and Nogeuira the underdog at +415.

Evans is one of the fastest guys in the division and should have the edge in striking against the technically sound Nogueira. You’d also have to say he has the power advantage and certainly has a big advantage in wrestling which should allow him to take down Nogueira at will if he chooses to do so.

Being a Nogueira brother though, the one thing Rashad won’t have over the Brazilian is heart and determination. You can be sure that unless Rashad gets the finish or the final buzzer goes, Lil Nog will be in this fight and will not bow out easily. He possesses some fantastic grappling skills himself and while her perhaps will not have the wrestling to get the fight to the floor himself he will look to attack at any opportunity should Evans decide to take him down. It’s hard to argue that Evans is not an overwhelming favourite in this fight but I do think the odds are a a generous, still I’d find it hard to bet against Evans in this one.
Prediction: Evans via Decision

Jose Aldo (Champion ? 22-1) vs Frankie Edgar (15-3-1) Featherweight Title 145lbs

The main event features the Brazilian wonderkid Jose Aldo taking on New Jersey’s Frankie Edgar, a guy who never knows when to quit. Aldo has only lost once in his career and that was over 7 years ago at a small show in Brazil. Since making the move over to America and competing in the WEC and UFC he has been on a tear beating everyone in his path and often in spectacular fashion. At just 26 years of age the crazy thing is we probably haven’t even seen the best of Jose Aldo yet, a tenacious striker who probably has some of the best kicks in the world, something he puts down largely due to his soccer background. The only knock on Aldo in recent times has been a suggestion of poor cardio which was brought up after a win over Mark Hominick where Aldo crushed the challenger for 4 rounds only to take some big damage himself in the final round after the Brazilian tired. It was still a comfortable decision win for the champion though.

Frankie Edgar has recently dropped down to Featherweight, a more natural weight for his body size, after previously competing at Lightweight where he is a former champion. The main standouts from Edgar’s career up until now has been his impressive speed and cardio allowing him to get in and out on his opponents and really push the pace with his boxing and takedowns. The other thing that stands out is his ability to absorb punishment and somehow keep pushing forward and coming back even stronger, never more evident than his bouts with Gray Maynard.

This really should be an explosive affair and it’s one of those fights where anything could happen. Most would argue that the longer the fight goes it could favour Edgar with his cardio and heart but the biggest difference perhaps between Aldo and Frankie’s recent opponents is that Aldo is a finisher. If Frankie gets hurt like he has so many times before Aldo is not the sort of man to allow him to work his way back into the fight and will pounce at the earliest opportunity, combined with the deadly leg kicks that the Brazilian will be throwing Frankie may find it hard to show the same speed he has done so many times in the past. Frankie will give 100% as long as this fight continues but no matter how much he wants to come back against Jose Aldo, the champion may simply not allow him to do so. I’d find it very hard to bet against Frankie at the best of times but in this one I would have to go with the champion and favourite in Jose Aldo at -200. Those of you who love a good underdog story may want to side with Edgar at +190.
Prediction: Jose Aldo TKO (4th Round)

July 6, 2012

MMA?s relationship with the casino

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The celebrity world is one many of us wish we resided in. It appears that it is often a mass of parties, events and openings; and then there is of course the glamour of it all! Celebrities seem to do as they please when they please, and if this means partying until the early hours on a school night, so be it!

A venue that is often seen as a second home to some celebrities, especially in the early hours, is the casino. These are after all the places that stay open until the early hours of the morning. Many MMA Fighters are often seen sat in the V.I.P section at such an establishment. This of course requires them to book a table, and with a table comes an assortment of up market drinks and cocktails.

Celebrities tend to endorse many products, meaning that they often get invites to the places that they act as an endorsement for. Casinos are one such brand that uses celebrity endorsement in order to sell their venues to the public, especially around the date of a big fight. If you see one of your favourite MMA Fighters on the side of an advert for a casino or a particular online casino such as, you will more than likely choose that venue over another establishment.

This is why there is so much money in advertising, and also why certain casino names are willing to pay out large sums of money in order to bag the celebrity they wish to act as the face of their label. MMA Fighters tend to be a popular choice when it comes to the advertisement of certain casino sites. This is possibly to do with the fact that MMA is huge in the betting world!

December 27, 2011

UFC 141 betting blog

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This weekend sees a big headliner at UFC 141 in Las Vegas for the traditional New Year’s UFC bash. In the main event we have Brock Lesnar taking on Alisair Overeem. Co-main is Nate Diaz against Donald Cerrone and there are some well known (and therefore well researched for betting) names on the undercard too. Here are the bouts:

MMA Odds from Bet on Fighting.








Looking at the big event, I’m going with Overeem. That is with a little trepidation given his performance against Wedum - i.e. he got taken down rather too easily. However, we have a serious problem on the Brock Lesnar side in the form of his chin. I ask myself, will Brock finish Overeem if we go to the mat? Probably not. So we’ll have plenty of action on the feet and in those periods, Overeem is going to connect. He’s also going to get hit, so it’s not out of the reals of possibility that Lesnar hurts him but playing the percentages, I’d bet on Overeem as a narrow favourite.

In the co-main event it’s hard to see Diaz winning. Cerrone has been on a tear and I see him probably taking a decision. Not sure it’s worth a bet to be honest.

Hendricks vs Fitch I think is probably worth a bet on Fitch. It’s one of those fights that you start second guessing yourself because it seems so obvious. I mean, OBVIOUSLY Fitch will win, right? So we then have to over analyse everything and end up deciding that Hendricks has a chance. No, he doesn’t, Fitch is going to win. Worth a bet.

The rest of the card I’m afraid that I’m not confident enough to offer up much advice, other than get yourself on youtube and watch some fights from the underdogs. All the favourites are beatable fighters so if you think you can see any weaknesses, get on it. One of those guys will probably lose - you just have to pick the right one.

October 18, 2007

UFC 77 Tipsters panel

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Welcome again to the Fantasy MMA Betting League tipsters panel!

The Odds
At the time of writing, the odds provided by BetOnFighting were as follows.

+180 Rich Franklin v Anderson Silva -220
+150 Tim Sylvia v Brandon Vera -180
+190 Jason MacDonald v Yushin Okami -240
+110 Alan Belcher v Kalib Starnes -140
+275 Eric Schafer v Stephan Bonnar -345
+280 Matt Grice v Jason Black -350
+140 Alvin Robinson v Jorge Gurgel -170
+265 Forrest Petz v Josh Burkman -325
-210 Demian Maia v Ryan Jensen +170

The Panel
Mike (me) - of
Doug - proprietor of - the mma betting site.
TheGarv - MMA prophet and funny man of YouTube fame.
Boondock - Awesome highlights maker and high flying tipster in our betting league.
TJ DeSantis - of Sherdog Radio fame.

TheGarv’s picks
UFC 77 promises to be explosive, and there are two fights that are a lock if you want to bet. The first lock is Vera over Sylvia. This is a fight you need to bet the farm on. Bet the farm, bet your house. Hell even bet your wife, because you can’t lose. Vera truly is the second coming of Fedor and he’s going to show the world on October 20th. I expect him to chop down Tim with leg kicks and overhand rights. Vera by KO round 2.

The second lock is Anderson Silva over Rich Franklin. I love Rich, he is one of my favorite fighters but he just doesn’t match up well with the Spider. After the brutal ownage in their first fight, I don’t see any way possible for Rich to win this. I think the second fight is going to look similar to the first, with Anderson dominating on the feet, and Rich unable to get it to the ground. I think Rich will last into the second or third round before being KO’d.

Those are TheGARV’s picks.

Boondock’s picks
UFC 77 is upon us and I have to admit that this is one of the harder cards when it comes to making my picks. Vera vs. Sylvia: I’d have to say this fight is a virtual crap shoot as to who’ll win… and as we all know, when it comes to crap shooting, never doubt Sylvia. However, I’m not so sure this time and neither fighter steps into the octagon with any momentum. Vera has been out of the cage for quite a while as has Sylvia after recovering from a back injury (that I’m sure was a result of not having the belt strap around to support him through his daily routine). So Ring rust vs. Back injury? I’ll take Vera but I don’t think it’ll be the walk in the park some are telling us. And Vera’s not the second coming of Fedor… only Fedor is good enough to be the second coming of himself.

Last time we saw Franklin vs. Silva we were shocked to see Rich going down faster than Tito’s girlfriend. And while I see Silva winning this fight I don’t see another Tyler Durden style beat down like we saw last time. What made that fight the train wreck that it turned into was Silva’s skill and an absolutely horrible game plan by Franklin’s corner… unless blocking Thai knees with your ribs and nose is some sort of Krav Maga defense gone wrong. All the same, I still think Silva wins this but I would bet someone else’s life (not mine) that Rich takes it to the ground to use his size to try and gNp a victory. He could get one. Then again, Rich could very well be getting another kneecap instead of a nightcap to help him sleep on fight night.
And finally the lock of the night: Okami.

Long Live MMA!

TJ’s Picks
UFC 77 isn’t the strongest card of the year. Nevertheless, a few fights definately have the ingredients to make for some wars.

In the main event Rich Franklin looks to get his title back against current champion Anderson Silva. The first time these guys met Franklin was over-whelmed. The Ohio based fighter walked in to the clinch thinking he would find success there. Instead of success he found hard knees to the face.

For Rich to win he needs to fight smart. Franklin is a smart fighter and I expect him to look to trade at first and then get on the inside with underhooks. “Ace” needs to stay away from the knees and kicks of Silva. If he can do this I think that he can wear Anderson down and get the fight to the floor.

Unfortunatly for Franklin, Silva doesn’t allow that. Anderson will utilize the clinch again. Silva will land shots to the body and this will hurt Rich in the later rounds. I expect Anderson to hurt Rich through out the first couple of rounds. In the third Rich will score a takedown, get stood up, and Silva will stop Franklin again via TKO.

Sylvia Vera is a pickem in my opinion. Vera will look to land low kicks and use his speed. If he is successful I expect him to win a decision. One hard punch from Sylvia could end this fight. But I think Vera is smart enough and wins a decision.

UPSET PICK: Matthew Grice over Jason Black.

Black looked zapped in his fight with Thiago Tavares. If Black is anything like that Saturday night look for Grice to take this fight. At +240 you’re silly not to throw at least 50 on this fight

Mike’s picks
For me, the big pick of UFC77 is Brandon Vera. Now first off, let me say this is a pick that does leave me doubting myself somewhat. My justification is basically that he’s a lot more skilled than big Tim but then so (supposedly) was Andre Arlovski. Still, I am putting my doubts aside and going for the Truth, because after a pretty uninspiring debut against Fabiano Scherner, I have been very impressed. He’s polished off two of Sylvia’s former opponents (Mir and Silva) in 4 minutes combined and in general, I think he’s a superior fighter. REMEMBER, you don’t need to KO or sub someone to win a fight - you just need to beat them. Vera decision : leg kicks.

Secondly I’m going for Okami over McDonald. He’s just bigger and better with more power. I can’t see McDonald winning by sub (his only chance) and I can see Okami winning by either sub, decision or KO.

Silva over Franklin. I really don’t know how Franklin could win the fight. He’s just outmatched in every area. Sorry Rich but I don’t see any way you win and considering the way the last fight went, I can’t believe Silva is only -220.

Doug’s picks
I think UFC 77 is the best event for betting I have seen in a long time. If you are a true MMA fan, then the 4 main fights are all intriguing matchups.

I have strong opinions on three of the four, the exception being Starnes vs Belcher. Although I favor Starnes, both guys are talented but unproven in my eyes. So, I will take a pass on this one and invest in the other three.

Let’s start with the Championship fight. Here’s the deal. If you think Rich Franklin is the same fighter he was before the first fight (just as good now as he was then,) you have to bet him. 2-1 is a dream. I, however, believe that the beating Silva gave him that night ended the career of the championship level Rich Franklin. Silva has moved forward in his development as a complete fighter, while Franklin has fought to regain his confidence. You can make a case that Franklin is bigger and will take him down etc… but I see it as Silva is at a completely different level than Franklin, physically and mentally. I’m taking Spider.

Everyone hates Tim Sylvia, but I don’t get it. Sylvia is one of the most resilient fighters we have ever seen, he uses his strengths better than any fighter I can think of, and he’s a hard working fool. No way Vera should be favored over big Timmy. Even if you buy into all the Vera hype, that should make him about even up with the former champion-at best! Tim’s loss to Couture looks a lot better now that Randy tore through Gonzaga. Fighting styles will matter in this one. Expect Vera to have a similar plan that Couture used to defeat Sylvia, except more knees in close. Sylvia will be ready for it, and you can bet your last tater that he won’t fall into that trap again. Look for Sylvia to use his size effectively as he controls the pace. Sylvia will frustrate Vera and take him off his game. Easy win for Sylvia. Big Bet!!!

Okami is physically superior to Jason MacDonald. MacDonald lacks the crisp, effective punching that he will need to keep the Japanese mauler off him. The combination of a physically stronger fighter facing a submission fighter is a profit machine. Okami will bull his way to MacDonald’s chest whenever he feels like it, where he can take him down and gnp as long as he wants. Some say that Okami is a slow starter, but here’s the secret…Okami knows he’s strong enough to escape submission attempts once the fighter start getting sweaty. He keeps himself out of trouble until everyone’s good a warm, then goes to work. Bet Okami with confidence.

Best Bet: Tim Sylvia
Good Bets: Okami and Silva

Records (Starting balance $200)
TheGarv: 0-0 (0%) Balance $200 - making his debut
Mike: 42-18 (80%) Balance $390.52, Total Amount Bet $3690
Boondock: 32-43 (44%) Balance $1977.75, Total Amount Bet $3911
Doug: 19-13 (59%) Balance $233.85, Total Amount Bet $436
TJ DeSantis: 9-8 (53%) Balance $632, Total Amount Bet $1990
(see more stats in game)

UFC 77 Betting Summary for the Fantasy Betting League
Note: These bets don’t necessarily correspond to who the tipsters have picked in their summaries above.

TheGarv: $50 Silva, $50 Vera
Mike: $200 Silva, $80 Vera, $50 Okami
Boondock: $500 Okami, $50 Franklin, $25 Belcher, $150 Sylvia
Doug: $100 Sylvia, $50 Okami, $50 Silva
TJ DeSantis: $100 Sylvia, $100 MacDonald, $100 Grice

With thanks….
Thanks to the tipsters for taking part - please show them some love and visit their respective ventures.

Doug - visit for betting news.
TheGarv - check him out on YouTube .
Boondock - visit his myspace page
TJ DeSantis - check out the Sherdog Radio network Monday through Friday.

April 5, 2007

UFC Fight Night Betting Tipsters Panel

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Welcome again to the Fantasy MMA Betting League tipsters panel!

Just a quick one for UFC Fight Night 9, with the regular deadly duo but no guest tipsters this time around.

Our Panel
Regular tipsters
Mike (me) - of Full time MMA fanatic but mediocre tipster.
Doug - proprietor of Top tipster and MMA betting expert.


The Odds
+130 Melvin Guillard vs Joe Stevenson -150
+385 Justin McCully vs Antoni Hardonk -465
+170 D Mishima vs Kenny Florian -200
+110 Forrest Petz vs Kuniyoshi Hironaka -130
+200 Seth Petruzelli vs Wilson Gouveia -240
+140 Keita Nakamura vs Drew Fickett -160
+235 Naoyuki Kotani vs Thiago Tavares -275

So on to the picks…

Doug’s picks
UFN 9 has some competitive fights on the card. There are a lot of lesser known fighters mixing it up and the true MMA geeks, surely, have the opportunity to make some money. All these fights have playable numbers. I’m going to stick to the headliners on this event. Joe Stevenson vs Melvin Guillard:
It’s the classic matchup of the striker vs the wrestler, and the “showboat” against the “blue-collar” guy. Any half-ass MMA fan/bettor can make a case for either fighter to win this bout. Styles are important, sure, but this fight will be determined by which fighter can impose his style on the other. Guillard is the faster, quicker fighter without doubt. I don’t like Joe at 155, and I think that he will be surprised to find Guillard holding the strength advantage too. Melvin will dominate the fight standing and when/if Stevenson gets the takedown Guillard will be able to gain control of the ground game too. Guillard’s powerful combination of strength and quickness will be too much for Joe. Note: I am aware of the “Melvin’s not training hard” rumors, I don’t buy it.

Dokonjonosuke Mishima vs Kenny Florian
Kenny Florian steps back into the ring for the first time since his loss to Sherk. Florian is a dedicated professional and he will be a better fighter when he takes on Doko Mishima tonight. Mishima is not one of physically strong fighters that present problems to Florian. He does not have enough power earn Kenny’s respect. Florian should be able to control the stand up and overwhelm Mishima with his striking, softening him up enough to set up a submission.

Drew Fickett vs Keita Nakamura
Wrestling war. Both fighters prefer the submission game; Fickett has a slight edge in striking. Fickett has faced much better competition with several solid wins. K-Taro struggled against Larson, another wrestler, last time out and this could very well be deja vu all over again for him. Take it easy on this one, definitely could go either way. I like Fickett to earn a decision.

Mike’s picks
I think you could make a nice profit on this event if you knew what you were doing… Unfortunately I don’t think I’m quite there yet to risk the real mulah!

Seth Petruzelli vs Wilson Gouveia.
I’m picking Gouveia in this fight as my big bet for the evening. He’s only around -240 and at those odds I think he’s a great pick over Seth. He gave Keith Jardine a run for his money and as far as I can remember, Seth has not really showed anything at all in the UFC.

D Mishima vs Kenny Florian
I’m going with Florian here. I’m just not seeing how Mishima wins the fight apart from a UD and I think Kenny has just as much chance of winning a decision. Again I’m going for a favourite here but I’m aiming to prove that you shouldn’t always bet on the odds if you want to win some money! And to round that theory off….

Melvin Guillard vs Joe Stevenson
I’m taking Stevenson here at -150. Seems like good odds to me… I have to admit that I have been swayed somewhat (or more accurately I’ve had my opinion re-affirmed) by the messageboards and tales of Melvin training with kickboxers and being taken down at will by rookies. I’m going with Joe but I think it’s going to be a good fight!

Summary of picks
The following bets have been placed in our MMA Fantasy Betting League. All users start with a fantasy balance of $200. You can join for free here.

Doug from
Current Balance $223.50
$10 Florian
$10 Melvin
$10 Fickett
Mike from
Current Balance $284.74
$100 on Gouveia
$25 on Stevenson
$25 on Florian


Last event - WEC

Both Mike and Doug went 100% in the last event

Mike: $77.70 profit off $130 of bets
Doug : $23.50 profit off $20 of bets

March 23, 2007

WEC 26 Tipsters Panel

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Welcome to the inaugural Fantasy MMA Betting League tipsters panel!
We have a selection of top (and not so top) tipsters from around the net, ready to preview WEC 26 -

Our Panel (more to follow shortly)
Regular tipsters
Mike (me) - of Full time MMA fanatic but mediocre tipster.
Doug - proprietor of Top tipster and MMA betting expert.

Guest Tipsters
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The odds
John Alessio +115
Carlos Condit -145

Dominick Cruz +550
Urijah Faber -750

Chase Beebe +185
Eddie Wineland -225

Hiromitsu Miura +400
Joe Riggs -550

Eric Apple +200
Brock Larson -250

Tommy Lee +130
Cub Swanson -160

Charlie Valencia +200
Antonio Banuelos -250

Micah Miller +165
Jesse Moreng -205


So on to the picks - let’s start off with one of the expects - Doug, how do you see this event going down?

Doug’s picks
WEC 26 is good card, most of these fights can go either way.

Best bet of the night is Cub Swanson to take out Tommy Lee. Swanson is a focused improving fighter that has a good all around attack led by a solid ground game. Cub will be able to get Lee to the mat whenever he wants and will have a huge advantage there. Tommy Lee is a striker and has a “puncher’s chance,” but I’m not sure he has the power needed to take out Swanson. Swanson will be the best fighter Lee has seen.

I don’t like Diesel Riggs, something about his style that looks awkward to me. But… he bangs out everyone that he has an edge on, his only recent losses are to Diego, Swick and Hughes. Looks like Miura is right in Rigg’s wheelhouse. He’s got some wins sure, but he’s only beaten 1 dude with a winning record and it looks like instead of moving up in competition, Muira is finding easier fights. Riggs rolls in an easy win.

Alessio vs Condit is a match that most people have a clear favorite and nothing will change that view. Anyone can make a good case for either fighter, it’s really a tossup. I’m going to give the edge to Condit, I think has is a more effective finisher if given the opportunity.

I can’t see Cruz with any chance against Faber, don’t waste you money.

Beebe and Apple are both tempting underdogs, here’s what I think. Beebe is the better bet. Apple is a very good striker, which could be nullified by Larson’s wrestling ability. Larson’s wrestling is better than Apple’s striking. Beebe, on the other hand should get some submission attempts on Wineland, who’s been submitted several times.

Mike’s picks
Uh oh, public humiliation time for me! OK, so let me first say that although I’ve heard of a lot of these guys by name I have haven’t really seen many of them fight. With that said I’m just going to go with a tip on the big fight and just listen to the other experts when it comes to the undercard fights.

My tip for the main event is also Condit. Neither guy has been KO’d, whilst both guys have an even spread of KO and submission victories in their respective win columns. That makes for a great fight and a close one at that. I just think Condit has the intangibles to eek out the victory. Perhaps a bit more aggressive and perhaps even just a bit more skilled all round. Condit has lost to grapplers and I’d have thought Alessio is going to want to stand with Condit. Condit has faced top opponents in pure kickboxing matchups and held his own (according to Condit himself), so I’m just not seeing where Alessio takes this fight to ensure the victory.

Other picks? I have no idea to be honest. I tell you what, I’ll stick a whole $20 on Faber just because there’s no way he’ll lose and $40 on Riggs for the same reason.

Marlon’s picks

Close fight, should be a war. Alessio will look to take this fight to the ground and control the tempo utilizing his Strong Wrestling advantage. Condit will try and keep this one standing where he has a clear edge in striking. Condits groundgame is solid as well. Much respect to Alessio but I see Condit being the Busier fighter and his ability to scramble and get back to his feet should come into play. PICK = Condit

Faber is the defending WEC Featherweight Champion. One of the best in the world at that weight without question. Cruz is a solid up and coming prospect but taking a huge step up in competition. Faber is better in all areas and should get be the clear winner here. PICK = Faber

Very interesting matchup. Wineland is the defending WEC Champion and has the experience edge. Beebe is a submission wizard and will be very dangerous when this fight hits the ground. Although 3 of Winelands 4 losses have come by submission, I think his groundgame is under-rated and should be able to stay out of trouble. He should get the Win over the less experienced Beebe. PICK = Wineland

I’ll keep this one short and sweet. Riggs by TKO. If Riggs loses this fight, he should seriously think about retirement. PICK = Riggs

This one has the potential to be the fight of the night. Larson is a tremendous Wrestler that dominates most opponents. His only carreer loss was to one of UFC’s best, Jon Fitch. Apple is taking a big step up in this fight. He is more well rounded than Larson, and will have a clear advantage standing in this one. My head tells me Larson will once again control this fight and win by decision, but my gut is tells me otherwise. I have a feeling the more well rounded Apple will escape with the an upset win, possibly by late TKO. PICK = Apple

Great fight. Tommy Lee is a solid vet & a powerhouse that seems to be improving with every fight. Cub Swanson has been tearing it up recently in KOTC. He’s got a ton of potential and could be a Star in the making. He can’t look passed Lee in this one. Lee will give Swanson all he can handle, but I still see Cub, getting the Win. PICK = Swanson

John Alessio talks to about his bout with Carlos Condit

Also check out More pre fight interviews on the official WEC site


Summary of picks
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Doug from
Current Balance $200
$10 on Swanson
$10 on Beebe

Mike from
Current Balance $185.64
$60 on Condit
$20 on Faber
$40 on Riggs
(and $50 on Swanson because I’m trusting Doug!)

Current Balance of $236.25
$30 on Condit
$30 on Riggs
$30 on Larson
$30 on Swanson
$30 on Wineland
$30 on Faber

March 19, 2007

Looking for expert tipsters

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MMA fans! Do you rock at predicting fights? If you do, we want to hear from you.

If you’ve got a proven track record at MMA betting / predicting, how would you like to join our panel of predictors?

In the week running up to big events we’re going to run a blog entry asking our panel who they’re picking and what odds take their fancy. If you’d like to take part, please email us and we’ll add you to the shortlist!


The MMA Game Team

March 18, 2007

MMA Fantasy Betting League

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At we have created the MMA Fantasy Betting League - a brand new concept in Fantasy MMA!

Our game has nothing to do with US gambling legislations banning online gaming - this isn’t real online wagering, this is fantasy MMA gaming, so we welcome US residents!

So, if you’re a gambling junkie looking to get your fix, you’ve come to the right place! This is fun and it’s risk free, plus we give away prizes for the best predictors at the end of each season and also for each event.

How it works
After you sign up, you’ll get a fantasy budget of $200. You then place bets on real life Mixed Martial Arts events from organisations such as Pride and the UFC. But unlike most fantasy MMA pick’em leagues, we don’t just feature the big two orgs. We also feature the IFL, Cage Rage, K-1 Hero’s, WEC, BodogFight, and many other MMA promotions - if there’s a bookmakers offering odds, we’ll have a fantasy event based on it!

Once you’re in you’ll also get access to some great features such as betting stats and statistics, to see where you won and lost your fantasy millions!
So, sign up, join in and have fun! We hope to see you soon in the MMA Fantasy Betting League at!

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