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April 9, 2007

Pride 34 Fight Videos

Filed under: Pride Videos — MrRiddum @ 3:31 am

Sunday morning saw the end of Pride under the ownership of DSE. Check out these videos to see how Pride 34 went down.

James Thompson vs Don Frye

Shinya Aoki vs Brian Lo-A-Njoe

Butterbean vs Zuluzinho

Sokoudjou vs Ricardo Arona

Edson Drago vs Nakao “Kiss”

Jeff Monson vs Kazuyuki Fujita

Makoto Takimoto vs Zelg Galesic

I dunno what the deal is with copyright infringement to be honest… I’m hoping that because they’re hosted on Daily Motion that it’s their problem but if not please email me and let me know the deal and if I shouldnt be posting these, I’ll take them down.

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