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March 26, 2007

UFC 69 Video Predictions (You Tube)

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A selection of youtube’s finest giving their UFC 69 predictions.

MMA Girls giving their UFC 69 picks.

The Phat UFC Critic giving his UFC 69 picks. He still can’t pronounce Thales Leites :)
viscioussid gives his picks.

menwello’s UFC 69 picks.

A man with a funny hat gives his UFC 69 shootout picks.

Beefdog’s UFC 69 picks. At first I thought his room was really messy but I think it’s actually just his duvet cover.

March 25, 2007

UFC 69 Video Previews

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Video previews for the upcoming UFC 69 card.

UFC Card in full
Georges St. Pierre Vs. Matt Serra
Roger Huerta Vs. Leonard Garcia
Diego Sanchez Vs. Josh Koscheck
Yushin Okami Vs. Mike Swick
Alan Belcher Vs. Kendall Grove
Brad Imes Vs. Heath Herring
Thales Leites Vs. Pete Sell
Marcus Davis Vs. Pete Spratt
Josh Haynes Vs. Luke Cummo

UFC 69 Promo Videos- Note all videos removed due to copyright violation. When the UFC put up the official version, we’ll add them here.

Josh Koscheck vs Diego Sanchez & Georges St Pierre vs Matt Serra video

March 23, 2007

WEC 26 Tipsters Panel

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Welcome to the inaugural Fantasy MMA Betting League tipsters panel!
We have a selection of top (and not so top) tipsters from around the net, ready to preview WEC 26 -

Our Panel (more to follow shortly)
Regular tipsters
Mike (me) - of Full time MMA fanatic but mediocre tipster.
Doug - proprietor of Top tipster and MMA betting expert.

Guest Tipsters
marlon - member and currently a in a positive balance in our betting league of $236.25

The odds
John Alessio +115
Carlos Condit -145

Dominick Cruz +550
Urijah Faber -750

Chase Beebe +185
Eddie Wineland -225

Hiromitsu Miura +400
Joe Riggs -550

Eric Apple +200
Brock Larson -250

Tommy Lee +130
Cub Swanson -160

Charlie Valencia +200
Antonio Banuelos -250

Micah Miller +165
Jesse Moreng -205


So on to the picks - let’s start off with one of the expects - Doug, how do you see this event going down?

Doug’s picks
WEC 26 is good card, most of these fights can go either way.

Best bet of the night is Cub Swanson to take out Tommy Lee. Swanson is a focused improving fighter that has a good all around attack led by a solid ground game. Cub will be able to get Lee to the mat whenever he wants and will have a huge advantage there. Tommy Lee is a striker and has a “puncher’s chance,” but I’m not sure he has the power needed to take out Swanson. Swanson will be the best fighter Lee has seen.

I don’t like Diesel Riggs, something about his style that looks awkward to me. But… he bangs out everyone that he has an edge on, his only recent losses are to Diego, Swick and Hughes. Looks like Miura is right in Rigg’s wheelhouse. He’s got some wins sure, but he’s only beaten 1 dude with a winning record and it looks like instead of moving up in competition, Muira is finding easier fights. Riggs rolls in an easy win.

Alessio vs Condit is a match that most people have a clear favorite and nothing will change that view. Anyone can make a good case for either fighter, it’s really a tossup. I’m going to give the edge to Condit, I think has is a more effective finisher if given the opportunity.

I can’t see Cruz with any chance against Faber, don’t waste you money.

Beebe and Apple are both tempting underdogs, here’s what I think. Beebe is the better bet. Apple is a very good striker, which could be nullified by Larson’s wrestling ability. Larson’s wrestling is better than Apple’s striking. Beebe, on the other hand should get some submission attempts on Wineland, who’s been submitted several times.

Mike’s picks
Uh oh, public humiliation time for me! OK, so let me first say that although I’ve heard of a lot of these guys by name I have haven’t really seen many of them fight. With that said I’m just going to go with a tip on the big fight and just listen to the other experts when it comes to the undercard fights.

My tip for the main event is also Condit. Neither guy has been KO’d, whilst both guys have an even spread of KO and submission victories in their respective win columns. That makes for a great fight and a close one at that. I just think Condit has the intangibles to eek out the victory. Perhaps a bit more aggressive and perhaps even just a bit more skilled all round. Condit has lost to grapplers and I’d have thought Alessio is going to want to stand with Condit. Condit has faced top opponents in pure kickboxing matchups and held his own (according to Condit himself), so I’m just not seeing where Alessio takes this fight to ensure the victory.

Other picks? I have no idea to be honest. I tell you what, I’ll stick a whole $20 on Faber just because there’s no way he’ll lose and $40 on Riggs for the same reason.

Marlon’s picks

Close fight, should be a war. Alessio will look to take this fight to the ground and control the tempo utilizing his Strong Wrestling advantage. Condit will try and keep this one standing where he has a clear edge in striking. Condits groundgame is solid as well. Much respect to Alessio but I see Condit being the Busier fighter and his ability to scramble and get back to his feet should come into play. PICK = Condit

Faber is the defending WEC Featherweight Champion. One of the best in the world at that weight without question. Cruz is a solid up and coming prospect but taking a huge step up in competition. Faber is better in all areas and should get be the clear winner here. PICK = Faber

Very interesting matchup. Wineland is the defending WEC Champion and has the experience edge. Beebe is a submission wizard and will be very dangerous when this fight hits the ground. Although 3 of Winelands 4 losses have come by submission, I think his groundgame is under-rated and should be able to stay out of trouble. He should get the Win over the less experienced Beebe. PICK = Wineland

I’ll keep this one short and sweet. Riggs by TKO. If Riggs loses this fight, he should seriously think about retirement. PICK = Riggs

This one has the potential to be the fight of the night. Larson is a tremendous Wrestler that dominates most opponents. His only carreer loss was to one of UFC’s best, Jon Fitch. Apple is taking a big step up in this fight. He is more well rounded than Larson, and will have a clear advantage standing in this one. My head tells me Larson will once again control this fight and win by decision, but my gut is tells me otherwise. I have a feeling the more well rounded Apple will escape with the an upset win, possibly by late TKO. PICK = Apple

Great fight. Tommy Lee is a solid vet & a powerhouse that seems to be improving with every fight. Cub Swanson has been tearing it up recently in KOTC. He’s got a ton of potential and could be a Star in the making. He can’t look passed Lee in this one. Lee will give Swanson all he can handle, but I still see Cub, getting the Win. PICK = Swanson

John Alessio talks to about his bout with Carlos Condit

Also check out More pre fight interviews on the official WEC site


Summary of picks
The following bets have been placed in our MMA Fantasy Betting League. All users start with a fantasy balance of $200. You can join for free here.

Doug from
Current Balance $200
$10 on Swanson
$10 on Beebe

Mike from
Current Balance $185.64
$60 on Condit
$20 on Faber
$40 on Riggs
(and $50 on Swanson because I’m trusting Doug!)

Current Balance of $236.25
$30 on Condit
$30 on Riggs
$30 on Larson
$30 on Swanson
$30 on Wineland
$30 on Faber

March 19, 2007

Looking for expert tipsters

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MMA fans! Do you rock at predicting fights? If you do, we want to hear from you.

If you’ve got a proven track record at MMA betting / predicting, how would you like to join our panel of predictors?

In the week running up to big events we’re going to run a blog entry asking our panel who they’re picking and what odds take their fancy. If you’d like to take part, please email us and we’ll add you to the shortlist!


The MMA Game Team

March 18, 2007

ThJoker - “The Natural” MMA Highlight

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ThJoker, out of Chicago, is producting more and more top quality MMA Highlights than you’d ever think possible using the infinitely frustrating Windows Movie Maker. Show some love for his new offering “The Natural” Randy Couture!

Also check out his myspace page and leave comments about this video… I also know he’s very keen for Randy to see it, so if you know the man himself, please pass on a link!

You can also find all of ThJoker’s MMA Highlights in our MMA Highlight Gallery.

Genghis Con - Ronin Vol 2 Highlight

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Genghis Con is a quality MMA Highlight maker and friend of We’re pleased to present his latest HL - Ronin Volume 2.

Please visit the following links and show some support for his great MMA Highlights.

You can also find all of Genghis Con’s Highlights in our MMA Highlight Gallery

MMA Fantasy Betting League

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At we have created the MMA Fantasy Betting League - a brand new concept in Fantasy MMA!

Our game has nothing to do with US gambling legislations banning online gaming - this isn’t real online wagering, this is fantasy MMA gaming, so we welcome US residents!

So, if you’re a gambling junkie looking to get your fix, you’ve come to the right place! This is fun and it’s risk free, plus we give away prizes for the best predictors at the end of each season and also for each event.

How it works
After you sign up, you’ll get a fantasy budget of $200. You then place bets on real life Mixed Martial Arts events from organisations such as Pride and the UFC. But unlike most fantasy MMA pick’em leagues, we don’t just feature the big two orgs. We also feature the IFL, Cage Rage, K-1 Hero’s, WEC, BodogFight, and many other MMA promotions - if there’s a bookmakers offering odds, we’ll have a fantasy event based on it!

Once you’re in you’ll also get access to some great features such as betting stats and statistics, to see where you won and lost your fantasy millions!
So, sign up, join in and have fun! We hope to see you soon in the MMA Fantasy Betting League at!

MMA Game’s MMA Highlight Gallery

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If you’re into Mixed Martial Arts, you’ll no doubt appreciate the quality highlights made by MMA fans around the world. We certainly do and for that reason we compiled a massive gallery of all the MMA Highlights from through the years.

We’ll continue to upload new videos to our MMA Highlights Gallery and feature them in our blog and on our myspace page, and we hope you’ll continue to enjoy them!

Check our MMA Highlights Gallery Here and please feel free to suggest any more videos you think we should add.

March 17, 2007

Chuck Liddell vs Quinton “Rampage” Jackson Promo Highlight

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Presenting MMA Game’s very first highlight - a Chuck Liddell vs Quinton Rampage Jackson promo.

The two will no doubt meet again in 2007, check out this chronicle of their careers so far, including their first battle in 2003.

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