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April 19, 2007

MMA Betting Tipsters Panel - UFC 70

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Welcome again to the Fantasy MMA Betting League tipsters panel!

Our regular duo make their picks as usual and we’re joined by William from… More than likely he’ll become a regular tipster, as long as he doesn’t show us up too much!
Our Panel

Regular tipsters
Mike (me) - of Full time MMA fanatic and improving tipster.
Doug - proprietor of Top tipster and MMA betting expert.

Guest tipsters
William - of - The newcomer!


The Odds
At the time of writing in this very changeable market, the odds provided by BetOnFighting were as follows.

-450 Mirko CroCop vs Gabriel Gonzaga +370
-110 Fabricio Werdum vs Andre Arlovski -120
+500 Elvis Sinosic vs Michael Bisping -700
+225 David Heath vs Ryoto Machida -285
-205 Assuerio Silva vs Cheick Kongo +165
+100 Matt Grice vs Terry Etim -130
-150 Junior Assuncao vs David Lee +120
+150 Victor Valimaki vs Alessio Sakara -180
-200 Dennis Siver vs Jess Liaudin +160


So on to the picks…

Doug’s picks
UFC 70 is a minefield for me.  There are several fighters getting heavy support from the MMA geeks, I’m not sure that any of them deserve it though.

I will start off with the main event.  I have been reading a lot about Gonzaga and his ground attack, how good he is, and if it goes to the ground he will dominate.  I’m not buying it.  CroCop wins this one easily.  CroCop is the kind of dependable favorite you look for, he dominates inferior opponents, ends fights effectively and rarely gets in trouble.  Mirko rolls and I’m going to make a small profit off him.

I’m not betting the Arlovski vs.Werdum match, but I think all the love for Werdum is a trap.  AA should be able to control this match standing, Werdum is going to have to inflict some damage standing before he can work his submission magic- Arlovski is not going to just lay down.  I don’t trust Arlovski, he has problems adjusting to the action, so I will pass.

I like Kongo to pull off the upset over Silva.  I think Kongo should be favored in this bout. I originally overlooked this fight, but one of our forum members started discussing it with me.  I value Kongo’s KO power more than Silva’s ground game.  Kongo will hold a significant fitness advantage that will allow him to escape Silva’s LnP in rounds 2 and 3.  Cheick has more weapons to end this fight than Silva.  He’s a solid underdog.

A lot of people have given up on or forgotten about Sakara after his loss to McFedries.  He’s a young guy, 26, that has good powerful striking and solid chin.  Sakara has had a rough time lately, but he’s been competitive against two good fighters and should show a big improvement Saturday.  Both these guys are looking for a quality win.  The Matrix will look to get the fight to the ground, but Sakara is good enough to hold his own on the mat.  Sakara holds a big advantage standing and that will be where this bout is decided.

Mike’s picks
Going in to this event, my picks were going to be Werdum, Kongo, Machida and maybe even a flutter on Gonzaga. However, as a proud member of the JT Warwagon I decided to watch a lot of DVDs last night and after doing so, I realised that my insticts were more than likely absolute crap.

CroCop vs Gonzaga
Now as I say I was thinking about having a little flutter on Gonzaga here. I’d been impressed when I watched him demolish Marrero in his last fight and that was a real pull. However, I went back and rewatched the fight and it was a good performance but there’s “impressive” and then there’s “impressive enough to beat the second best HW in the world”… It wasn’t the latter! With that in mind I think -500 is actually pretty decent odds. Gonzaga isn’t that big a HW and I see CroCop tossing him to one side if he even gets close enough to try a takedown.

Werdum vs Arlovski
Coming into this fight I was leaning towards Werdum. The forums were picking him and it made sense. He’d apparently faced better competition, he’d just owned Aleks and AA had shown below par takedown defense in his last fight with Pe De Pano. That all points towards a sub win for Werdum, so as I sat down to watch a selection of his fights I was expecting to convince myself of that fact. However after watching Werdum vs Overeem, Big Nog, Gonzaga and a couple of other fights, all I could think was that his standup just isn’t good enough. Don’t get me wrong, when he’s on the ground he has some SERIOUS SKILLS but this isn’t the ADCC, this MMA and Arlovski hits like a truck!
Werdum can’t hurt Arlovski on the feet. People say AA has a weak chin but that’s absolute crap. He’s been KO’d but they’ve been by absolute bombs, plus he’s been cracked right on the button by plenty of people from Sylvia to Zentsov and not gone down. At the same time, Werdum has only 1 KO on his record and watching his fights you can see why.
On the other side of the coin while Werdum’s chin is certainly OK, he’s no Mark Hunt. Big Nog may be a decent boxer but he has very few KOs on his record, and he dropped Werdum 3 times in their fight. With that said, AA can certainly hurt him standing and without having to worry about what’s coming back, I can see AA letting fly with some bombs. Werdum moves well on his feet though so I can certainly see it lasting a good distance into the fight and hey… I can totally see a Werdum sub if it goes to the ground. What I can also see is AA managing to stall long enough for them to be stood back up though and as the fight wears on I think Werdum is more and more likely to end up flat on his backside with a big hairy man pounding him in the face.

Machida vs Heath
I’d never seen Heath before but conventional wisdom says that the UFC will eventually want Machida to step up and become a challenger, given his impressive list of victims. What I always like to remember in this situation is that the UFC picks these matchups… If they wanted to hand out a first loss to Machida, it would certainly be to a more recognisable name than David Heath. Again though, after finding a video of David Heath to watch, I was actually impressed. He looks to have good, powerful and relaxed standup… however he is really, really open to front leg kicks. Machida is going to chop him down until he can barely walk and once that happens it doesn’t matter how relaxed his standup is, he’s going to take a beating.

The rest of the card….
I wanted to bet on Kongo because Silva has looked ropey in his short UFC career to date. The problem is the more I think about that fight the more stupid that bet sounds. Silva will win but I’m not sure enough to bet on it.
I think I may also chuck a few dollars on Terry Etim. I’ve never seen the guy fight but I’ve heard good things about him and when the lines opened there was clearly some action on him. When that’s the case on an undercard bout that virtually nobody knows about, it’s got to mean something.

William’s picks
UFC 70 is a pretty lop sided card (except for the Werdum - Arlovski fight) and also features some relatively unknown fighters on the undercard. The key to betting on this card is to find an underdog that you’re comfortable with and let it ride. If you personally are familiar with any of the undercard fighters, you have a chance to make some money at this event but I’m just going to stick to the main card.

Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic
Even with Serra’s surprising upset victory over Georges St. Pierre fresh in everyone’s memory, it seems no one wants to step up and pick Gonzaga in this fight. The odds makers have Gonzaga at +370, which makes him a sizeable underdog, however it’s not as overwhelming as some would have predicted. Gonzaga really only has one way to win this fight and that is by establishing dominant position on the ground and working strikes from the top. Even with Gonzaga being an expert in Jiu Jitsu, it’s really hard to see Cro Cop getting submitted from the top as he looks as athletic and strong as ever.

So, is there a good enough chance of Gonzaga being able to take Cro Cop down that you should risk your money and pick the underdog? In a word, “no.” Gonzaga’s weakest part of his game is his takedowns and he’s going up against a man who has quite possibly the best takedown defense in all of Mixed Martial Arts. Even though we are in the year of the upset, I fully expect Cro Cop to win this fight by knockout.

David Heath vs. Lyoto Machida
Machida was originally scheduled to face Forrest Griffin, who had to withdraw due to an injury. In my opinion, Machida is getting a tougher challenge in David Heath. With Griffin, Machida was pretty much guaranteed a stand up war that I believe he was very capable of winning. However, Heath’s strong point of his game is wrestling and we haven’t seen much Machida’s takedown defense or ground work in his young career. Heath comes in at +285 and may be an underdog that warrants serious consideration.

Elvis Sinosic vs. Michael Bisping
Poor, Elvis Sinosic. The guy just never gets an easy fight in the UFC. After beating Jeremy Horn in his UFC debut, he has lost to Tito Ortiz, Evan Tanner, Babalu, Forrest Griffin, and Alessio Sakara. This time he takes on hometown favorite Michael Bisping in another fight that he is seemingly supposed to lose. The odds makers have recognized this and put Sinosic at +500. This surprised me to some extent because Bisping really showed poor takedown defense in last fight with Eric Schafer. Although Bisping won that fight, I felt his exposed a area of his game that needed improving. It might not be such a bad idea to take a chance on Sinosic, especially since the odds are so good. If Elvis can get inside, he may be able to take Bisping down and hold him there. However, if we know Elvis, he’ll charge in with his chin up high and be in for a short night. (Shameless plug): Check out’s interview with Sinosic up now.

Fabricio Werdum vs. Andrei Arlovski
This is by far the most competitive fight of the card and the odds reflect it. Both fighters come in a -115, so you’re getting pretty close to even money regardless of which way you go. Personally, I will put my money on Arlovski. I think Andrei has a huge advantage in the striking department and submission defense has never been a problem for the Pitbull. All of Arlovski’s losses have come to fighters who were able to outstrike him, namely Tim Sylvia, Pedro Rizzo, and Ricco Rodriguez. Werdum’s main strength is his Jiu Jitsu, but I just can’t see him submitting Arlovski.

Cheick Kongo vs. Assuerio Silva
It seems like just yesterday the Cheick Kongo bandwagon was full of MMA fans confident that the French fighter would be the next Heavyweight champion. One disappointing decision loss later, and Kongo is put at +195 against journeyman Assuerio Silva and rightfully so. Unless Kongo has improved his ground game and takedown defense immensely, he should be in for a long night spent on his back. I use the word,. “should” because Assuerio Silva is notoriously known for having bad game plans. The only way I see Kongo winning this fight is if Assuerio tries to stand with him. However, if Silva chooses to implement his superior grappling game, he should be able to get a submission or decision win.
Summary of picks
The following bets have been placed in our MMA Fantasy Betting League. All users start with a fantasy balance of $200. You can join for free here.

Doug from
Current Balance $223.50
Current record MMA 8:3
Current record UFC 3:2

CroCop $12
Kongo $12
Sakara $12

Mike from
Current Balance $429.44
Current record MMA 25:5
Current record UFC 9:2

$100 on Arlovski
$50 on CroCop
$50 Machida
$50 Etim
William from
Current balance $200
Current record 0:0

David Heath $40
Elvis Sinosic $10
Andre Arlovski $50

Last tipster panel event - Ultimate Fight Night 9

Mike went 3/3 and Doug scored 2/3.

Mike: $69.75 profit off $150 of bets
Doug : $1.90 profit off $30 of bets - don’t spend it all at once!

Bet for real!!!!
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April 16, 2007

UFC 70 Video Predictions (You Tube)

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Video previews for the upcoming UFC 70 card. A selection of youtube’s finest giving their UFC 70 picks.
UFC 70 Card in full

Mirko Filipovic Vs. Gabriel Gonzaga
David Heath Vs. Ryoto Machida
Michael Bisping Vs. Elvis Sinosic
Andrei Arlovski Vs. Fabricio Werdum
Assuerio Silva Vs. Cheick Kongo
Matt Grice Vs. Terry Etim
Junior Assuncao Vs. David Lee
Victor Valimaki Vs. Alessio Sakara
Dennis Siver Vs. Jess Liaudin
Edilberto Crocota Vs. Paul Taylor

Borislav Chorni - UFC 70 Predictions

UFC 70 Nations Collide Predictions

UFC 70 predictions from ashice1
MMA Girls give their UFC 70 predictions

A dude with big hair gives his UFC 70 picks

UFC 70 Video Previews

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Official UFC video previews for the upcoming UFC 70 card.
UFC 70 Card in full

Mirko Filipovic Vs. Gabriel Gonzaga
David Heath Vs. Ryoto Machida
Michael Bisping Vs. Elvis Sinosic
Andrei Arlovski Vs. Fabricio Werdum
Assuerio Silva Vs. Cheick Kongo
Matt Grice Vs. Terry Etim
Junior Assuncao Vs. David Lee
Victor Valimaki Vs. Alessio Sakara
Dennis Siver Vs. Jess Liaudin
Edilberto Crocota Vs. Paul Taylor

Bisping vs Sinosic Video Preview

CroCop vs Gonzaga Video Preview

Machida vs Heath Video Preview

UFC 70 Highlight Video Promo

April 11, 2007

What is considered “a great fight” in MMA?

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I never intended to use this blog as a place to mouth off but I’ve been baffled at the comments I’ve heard following both Leonard Garcia vs Roger Huerta and Diego Sanchez vs Josh Koscheck, so I decided to make an exception.

Apparently, according to some pretty knowledgeable people (like Joe Rogan, Dana White and Mike Sloan), Huerta vs Garcia was absolutely incredible. I just can’t agree.

Rogan said something along the lines of “one of the greatest UFC fights ever”.
Sloan in the linked article above stated “If the fight between Roger Huerta and Leonard Garcia will not wind up being the fight of the year, then I will probably rob an adult bookstore just to witness whatever fight will top this classic.”

Well, I can think of 2 fights this year already that I would consider far more exciting and technically superior - Gomi vs Diaz and Tyson Griffin vs Frankie Edgar.

Furthermore, on a totally unrelated note, apparently the fight between Diego Sanchez and Josh Koshcheck was absolutely dreadful. Paraphrasing a number of comments I have heard, “Kos was just his usual fucking boring self doing just enough to win” - a comment usually followed by something to do with hating Kos himself.

So whilst I don’t care to argue that Kos vs Sanchez was a better fight than Huerta vs Garcia, what exactly makes a great fight nowadays and what defines one that sucks?

Garcia vs Huerta - a “great” fight? fight of the year?

In my eyes it was a decent fight but it certainly wasn’t a great one. I respect both fighters and think they put on a good show but I just didn’t really find it that interesting. It was a scrap… A scrap artificially manufactured to build Huerta as a contender and a face for the UFC’s march into Latin America.

Garcia was picked as an opponent for a reason - he has a good chin (no KO losses) but without the power or polished striking ability to pull off an upset and spoil the UFC’s marketing plans (9 wins, 1 by KO). To me, the manufactured nature of the bout further diminishes it’s “greatness”. It was designed to be a scrappy war with Huerta winning in dominating fashion and that’s exactly what happened.

As far as I am concerned, for a fight to be great you have to have all or most of the following -

1. A close and competitive fight.
This was a 3 round domination by Huerta. When Bruce Buffer stepped up to the mic, it was 30-27 all day long. With just that one point made, how is this possibly the fight of the year?

2. A display of extraordinary skill.
There was no extraordinary skill displayed. As much as I respect the fighters, I actually laughed out loud at one point during round 3 because of one particular punch thrown by Garcia. Someone I was talking to at the time described it as two drunks fighting because they both looked so gassed…. Infact both fighters looked pretty gassed after the first round.

3. A display of extraordinary determination.
Garcia showed heart but not to an extraordinary level. If getting punched a lot and not quitting was extraordinary, the top 5 fights of all time would all involve either Mark Hunt or Cabbage.

Added to this point, many won’t have noticed but Garcia told his corner after round one “he has no power”. I’ve seen people comment that they were “throwing bombs” for the entire fight. Well those bombs appear to contain very little in the way of explosives.

4. Unpredictability
Did something happen that you weren’t expecting? Did anyone expect Diaz to Gogoplata Gomi? Did anyone expect an unknown in Frankie Edgar to dominate future UFC lightweight contender, Tyson Griffin? Did anyone expect Roger Huerta to dominate Leonard Garcia for 3 rounds? Spot the odd one out?

Diego Sanchez vs Josh Koshcheck - “Absolutely awful”?

I have two beefs with the reaction to this fight. First of all I don’t think it was an awful fight and more importantly, if you’re going to call it a boring fight, I don’t think that’s Josh Koscheck’s fault!

Sure it wasn’t a brawl but is that all we want nowadays? Do you have to adopt a reckless gameplan to be appreciated? Essentially it wasn’t a brawl because a fighter had developed good technical striking. What a crime!

Sure it wasn’t a heart thumper but I found it really interesting. It showed where these two guys are at, what progression they have both made and I for one learnt a lot about both guys from the fight. People might not like Kos but that was a perfect performance. He dictated the fight from start to finish, controlled the distance perfectly and gave Diego absolutely no chance to land either a decent punch or a takedown. THAT IS A PERFECT FIGHT and for that Kos should be praised not admonished.

If you don’t like the way the fight went, blame Diego. Someone I talked to criticised Kos for not staying in the pocket and exchanging blows. I find that utterly rediculous. Why should he? Go watch GSP vs Hughes 2. GSP won that fight by controlling the distance in exactly the same way - bouncing in and out of range and throwing combos whilst never giving Hughes a chance to find his range and shoot.

GSP does it and he’s a legend, Kos does it and he’s boring. Kos didn’t put away Diego and GSP did finish Hughes but maybe Diego just has a better chin. At the end of the day, it’s exactly the same gameplan.

So what do we actually want as MMA fans?

Josh Koscheck has improved beyond recognition, so much so that Javier Mendez (his coach at AKA) believes his striking is technically superior to that of noted striker Mike Swick. Apparently the average MMA fan would rather he was just came in to slug without a gameplan.

Having said all this, I believe group mentality has played a big part in the slating that Kos has received. I live in the UK and was at my girlfriend’s parents house during UFC69, meaning I had to watch in virtual silence at 5am, so I didn’t wake the rest of the house.

I didn’t have any buddies shouting “God damn it, Kos sucks, I hate that guy”, nor could I couldnt hear the crowd booing. Watching the fight I was thinking “why doesn’t Diego do anything different” but I certainly wasn’t thinking “Hey, Kos is really dominating this fight, if I were him I’d definitely change my gameplan… maybe I’d go stand in the pocket and trade bombs!”

So what am I trying to say? Well I guess primarily I’m a little disappointed, in an MMA snob kind of way.

  • I’m disappointed that Kos is getting a load of heat for putting in a perfect performance.
  • I’m disappointed that Dana White and Joe Silva said the Kos vs Diego fight sucked, playing into the BRAWLING PWNS mentality.
  • I’m disappointed that they’ve gone back on their promise of a title shot for the winner, instead fast tracking good ol’ Zuffa favourite Matt Hughes into another title fight. Hughes beat Chris Lytle whilst Kos beat Diego Sanchez… Which is more impressive?
  • I’m also a little baffled that anyone would even consider a manufactured and gassed out slugfest between Huerta vs Garcia as a “great” fight, let alone fight of the year.

I believe Kos would beat Hughes standing and on the ground. I believe Kos would also give GSP a run for his money too. The UFC have already had one nightmare run with a UFC champ the fans hated and I don’t think they want to risk Kos doing the same thing as Sylvia. However much Kos deserves a shot, I think the UFC will keep him away from it as long as possible. That utterly devalues the title for me and leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. Pride took a lot of heat for protecting their champs with non title fights (and rightly so), but at least they were honest with the protection of their desired champions. UFC are being far more subtle about it but the whole process is no less contrived.

There is one irony here however. The longer the UFC keep Kos away from a title shot, the better he will get and the more likely he is to win the title and subsequently hold on to it for a long time.


People claim to want the sport to evolve. People claim to want to see the best athletes coming in and getting paid a small fortune for their services. Yet when an elite athlete enters the sport, learns the skills faster than anyone thought possible and puts in a flawless performance, he is slated for it not only by the fans but also his employers. Furthermore, on the same card, two fighters gas after a round, throw endless arm punches, nearly falling over in the process and it’s fight of the year - praised by all and hailed by the UFC management.

Where is this sport going? What deserves praise? Apparently it isn’t immense improvement, it isn’t elite level conditioning and it isn’t superior gameplanning. A slugfest is always going to be entertaining but let’s give the tacticians and the elite athletes a bit of credit too because as the paychecks increase, we’ll be seeing a lot more of them!

April 9, 2007

Pride 34 Fight Videos

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Sunday morning saw the end of Pride under the ownership of DSE. Check out these videos to see how Pride 34 went down.

James Thompson vs Don Frye

Shinya Aoki vs Brian Lo-A-Njoe

Butterbean vs Zuluzinho

Sokoudjou vs Ricardo Arona

Edson Drago vs Nakao “Kiss”

Jeff Monson vs Kazuyuki Fujita

Makoto Takimoto vs Zelg Galesic

I dunno what the deal is with copyright infringement to be honest… I’m hoping that because they’re hosted on Daily Motion that it’s their problem but if not please email me and let me know the deal and if I shouldnt be posting these, I’ll take them down.

April 7, 2007

UFC69 Weighin Video

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UFC 69 Weigh in video - watch out for Diego Sanchez's push on Josh Koshcheck.

April 5, 2007

UFC Fight Night Betting Tipsters Panel

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Welcome again to the Fantasy MMA Betting League tipsters panel!

Just a quick one for UFC Fight Night 9, with the regular deadly duo but no guest tipsters this time around.

Our Panel
Regular tipsters
Mike (me) - of Full time MMA fanatic but mediocre tipster.
Doug - proprietor of Top tipster and MMA betting expert.


The Odds
+130 Melvin Guillard vs Joe Stevenson -150
+385 Justin McCully vs Antoni Hardonk -465
+170 D Mishima vs Kenny Florian -200
+110 Forrest Petz vs Kuniyoshi Hironaka -130
+200 Seth Petruzelli vs Wilson Gouveia -240
+140 Keita Nakamura vs Drew Fickett -160
+235 Naoyuki Kotani vs Thiago Tavares -275

So on to the picks…

Doug’s picks
UFN 9 has some competitive fights on the card. There are a lot of lesser known fighters mixing it up and the true MMA geeks, surely, have the opportunity to make some money. All these fights have playable numbers. I’m going to stick to the headliners on this event. Joe Stevenson vs Melvin Guillard:
It’s the classic matchup of the striker vs the wrestler, and the “showboat” against the “blue-collar” guy. Any half-ass MMA fan/bettor can make a case for either fighter to win this bout. Styles are important, sure, but this fight will be determined by which fighter can impose his style on the other. Guillard is the faster, quicker fighter without doubt. I don’t like Joe at 155, and I think that he will be surprised to find Guillard holding the strength advantage too. Melvin will dominate the fight standing and when/if Stevenson gets the takedown Guillard will be able to gain control of the ground game too. Guillard’s powerful combination of strength and quickness will be too much for Joe. Note: I am aware of the “Melvin’s not training hard” rumors, I don’t buy it.

Dokonjonosuke Mishima vs Kenny Florian
Kenny Florian steps back into the ring for the first time since his loss to Sherk. Florian is a dedicated professional and he will be a better fighter when he takes on Doko Mishima tonight. Mishima is not one of physically strong fighters that present problems to Florian. He does not have enough power earn Kenny’s respect. Florian should be able to control the stand up and overwhelm Mishima with his striking, softening him up enough to set up a submission.

Drew Fickett vs Keita Nakamura
Wrestling war. Both fighters prefer the submission game; Fickett has a slight edge in striking. Fickett has faced much better competition with several solid wins. K-Taro struggled against Larson, another wrestler, last time out and this could very well be deja vu all over again for him. Take it easy on this one, definitely could go either way. I like Fickett to earn a decision.

Mike’s picks
I think you could make a nice profit on this event if you knew what you were doing… Unfortunately I don’t think I’m quite there yet to risk the real mulah!

Seth Petruzelli vs Wilson Gouveia.
I’m picking Gouveia in this fight as my big bet for the evening. He’s only around -240 and at those odds I think he’s a great pick over Seth. He gave Keith Jardine a run for his money and as far as I can remember, Seth has not really showed anything at all in the UFC.

D Mishima vs Kenny Florian
I’m going with Florian here. I’m just not seeing how Mishima wins the fight apart from a UD and I think Kenny has just as much chance of winning a decision. Again I’m going for a favourite here but I’m aiming to prove that you shouldn’t always bet on the odds if you want to win some money! And to round that theory off….

Melvin Guillard vs Joe Stevenson
I’m taking Stevenson here at -150. Seems like good odds to me… I have to admit that I have been swayed somewhat (or more accurately I’ve had my opinion re-affirmed) by the messageboards and tales of Melvin training with kickboxers and being taken down at will by rookies. I’m going with Joe but I think it’s going to be a good fight!

Summary of picks
The following bets have been placed in our MMA Fantasy Betting League. All users start with a fantasy balance of $200. You can join for free here.

Doug from
Current Balance $223.50
$10 Florian
$10 Melvin
$10 Fickett
Mike from
Current Balance $284.74
$100 on Gouveia
$25 on Stevenson
$25 on Florian


Last event - WEC

Both Mike and Doug went 100% in the last event

Mike: $77.70 profit off $130 of bets
Doug : $23.50 profit off $20 of bets

April 3, 2007

Awesome GSP Highlight (the Hughes vs GSP story)

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With Georges St Pierre fighting Matt Serra this weekend, it is an appropriate time to post this great MMA Highlight Video featuring the story of Georges St Pierre vs Matt Hughes.

A great tribute to a great fighter!

You can see more MMA videos on our MMA Highlight Gallery Page.

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