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September 25, 2007

post UFC 76 press conference video (with analysis)

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It says a lot that after a great event, Dana opens with this tirade

“Everybody has know for years what I feel about these goofy internet websites; I hate them. They’re biassed, crooked and there are a lot of bad things I could say about them but I won’t waste my time.

The rankings that they had were always baissed towards us, the reporting was always biassed towards us… Talking about, you know, fights that don’t make any sense… I tell you what. We’re the best in the business. Our matchmaker is the best, we put on the biggest and the best fights. Nobody knows how these fights are going to turn out. And anyone that fights in the UFC deserves to be here and you see it every time these fights happen.

The rankings are bullshit, they drive me crazy. If you come from Japan you’re automatically the number one of the world or the number 10, 9, 8 7, 6, ya know… and ever since the aquisition of Pride, we’ve proven that it’s all bullshit. Anyway, I’ve been dying to say that!”

Well, if you took time to read my article that I wrote a couple of days ago, I suggested that the UFC were more interested in putting one over on Pride than they were in promoting the Pride fighters as superstars and consequently making insane amounts of money. This is just further evidence of that.

Dana and the rest of the UFC management have been so annoyed for so long that they value sticking two fingers up at internet sites far more highly than promoting and building the Pride guys and I personally find it quite bizzare and disappointing for people who are meant to be such savvy businessmen. Pride guys have gone something like 1-7 now in the UFC and that is largely down to Joe Silva.

Sure, it looks like the UFC guys would have eventually come out on top (due to the steriods issue and because the seasoned UFC guys work harder on their cardio), but to obliterate the Pride legacy at such an early stage is absolute lunacy in terms of building hype and selling tickets.

It’s also worth noting the following from Dave Meltzer at Wrestling Observer.

Joe Silva’s truths were revealed when, with Rua still crumpled on the canvas, Mr. Silva came bounding over to the press area to say something to Wrestling Observer editor Dave Meltzer. While the very
fact that Mr. Meltzer was chosen for this mini-celebration is another feather in his journalistic cap, the greater truth was that Joe Silva was no ordinary matchmaker for this fight. Somewhere – be it in his conscious or subconscious thinking – Mr. Silva booked Griffin vs. Rua with the impressed hope of a Griffin victory. This was not the entertainment hope of a great fight or the business hope of making money in the present or future. This was the raw, trenchant hope of destroying the enemy. Joe Silva wanted Shogun Rua to lose in emphatic, spectacular fashion. That wish was granted.

What I’m getting at is this. Although the Pride legacy lays in absolute tatters and most likely the Pride guys were held in higher esteem than they deserved… be of no doubt - the slaying of Pride was not an organic process rather it was as manufactured as any storyline could possibly be in the sport of MMA. Joe Silva is indeed the best matchmaker in the business and has shown just how devastating a few carefully chosen matchups can be.

- And finally, just a quick footnote in anticipation. I am not a Pride nuthugger, I couldn’t care less either way. I just come from a marketing background and like to analyse things from a business standpoint.
- On and a note from that note. It’s “couldn’t care less”…. why do people say “could care less”? Do they not understand that means they DO care?


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